Algo Conference

7th Edition | Online Conference 

Date: 20-21-22 November 2020

Finbridge Algo Conference is India’s 1st and leading conference in Algorithmic Trading space. Started in 2015, since then we have not looked back. We have successfully delivered our 6 editions of Algo Conference. Due to covid-19 our 7th Edition of Algo Conference will be organised Online. Finbridge Algo Conference helps you to keep up with the industry. Finbridge Algo Conference aims to bring together leading algorithmic trading experts, quants and researchers to exchange and share their knowledge and experiences. 


Praveen Gupta

Praveen Gupta

CEO - Symphony Fintech

Manish Jalan

Manish Jalan

Co-Founder & Quant Head - Samssara

Robert Carver

Systematic Futures Trader and Writer

Yuvraj Thakker

Managing Director - BP Wealth

Tejas Khoday

Tejas Khoday

Co-Founder & CEO - FYERS

Abhijit Biswas

Director - IIQF & Quant Professional


Vagaram Chowdhary

Founder - Inuvest Technologies

Sonam Srivastava

Sonam Srivastava

Founder - Wright Research

CEO - AAAQuants

MD & CEO - NeuralTechSoft

Kapil Marwaha

Managing Director - True Data


Speaker: Abhijeet Biswas 

  • Understanding Algorithmic Trading
  • Myths and Benefits of Algorithmic Trading
  • Algorithmic Trading Development Cycle
  • Algorithmic Trading Infrastructure
  • Skill Set for Algo Trading
  • Careers in Algorithmic Trading

Speaker: Vagaram Chowdhary

  • Preferred Coding Language – Speed vs easy to build.
  • API’s – Data vendors and brokers.
  • Data – Oil for an engine, Quality matters.
  • Open Source tools – Optimisation tools against comprehensive testing.
  • Algo system – features must have.
  • What to focus on models or building system?

Speaker: Robert Carver

  • What makes a good system
    – Technology
    – Backtesting and fitting
    – Execution
    – Operational and risk management
    – Sticking to the system
  • Getting started with systematic trading

Speaker: Manish Jalan

  • Most algorithmic trading strategies uses various combinations of technical studies and other factors to develop strategies in short, medium to long term horizon.
  • Various live practical examples from the market and how it effect the overall profitability of the strategy will also be discussed.
  • Audience will be able to relate their day to day trading with key statistics parameters and comprehend the do’s and dont’s of algorithmic trading.
  • Presentation will also cover statistics in Options Market where price series have non-linear behaviour due to Options greeks involved. 
  • Importance of statistics like standard deviations, correlations, mean and sharpe ratios which playsvital role in making a strategy long term profitable will be discussed.
  • Large drawdowns and big flattish periods in algorithms can be avoided by using various mix of technicals with statistical factors.
  • Alpha is often generated in Algorithmic trading when a mix of various statistics are applied both at the strategy level and portfolio level analytics.
  • A technical algorithms can be made massively profitable if statistics is added to it in a systematic way.
  • There are hidden statistics which if not taken into consideration cannot make an algorithm profitable.

Speaker: Sonam Srivastava

  • Tactical Asset Allocation is an investment style where allocation to various asset classes is actively balanced based on market regimes. 
  • The aim of the strategy is to to maximize portfolio returns while keeping market risk to a minimum, as compared to a benchmark index.
  • The market regimes to be used are modeled using macroeconomic variables and short term technical signals. In a trending market regime risky assets like equities get higher allocation while in a risky market bonds and gold get higher allocation. 
  • A tactical asset allocation strategy also tries to maximize the returns within the equity allocation choosing the best stock mix using equity market factors and modelling their behavior in various regimes.

Speaker: Mahendra Mehta

  • Introduction.
  • What is adaptive learning?
  • Advantages for adaptive learning.
  • How AI is deployed in adaptive learning.
  • Examples from the Indian Market.
  • Summary results.

Speaker: Yuvraj Thakker

other sessions to be updated soon....


Recordings of the conference will be available.

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