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MarketQuest Conference

2-3 March 2024

Time: 10:00 am –  6:00 pm

Venue: Bombay Exhibition Centre, Nesco, Goregaon, Mumbai

360° Stock Market Insights Conference


Bharat Jhunjhunwala


Sanjeev Gaur

Founder GUI Trading, Market Profile and Order Flow Trainer

Praveen Gupta

CEO, Symphony Fintech

Raja Venkatraman

Co-Founder - NeoTrader
MIlan Bavishi

Milan Bavishi

Director (Content) - Upstox
Sakthidoss Gajendran

Sakthidoss Gajendran

Foiunder -- FNOTrader.com
Yashas Khoday
Co-Founder & CTO - FYERS
Yuvraj Ashok Thakker

Yuvraj Thakker

Managing Director - BP Wealth, WealthTechnology and Fort Capital
Raminder Anand

Raminder Anand

VP - Mastertrust

Nitish Mukherjee

Director - Indian Institute of Quantitative Finance
Vagaram Chowdhary

Vagaram Chowdhary

Founder - Inuvest Technologies

Rajesh Srivastav

Professional Derivatives Trader

Rakesh Pujara

Founder and Managing Partner - Compounding Wealth Advisors
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Nitin Vishnoi

Technical Analyst

Himanshu Patil

Founder & CEO - InvestarIndia.com
Paritosh Gunjan

Paritosh Gunjan

Co-founder - Liquide Solutions
Aditya Iyer

Aditya Iyer

Co-founder - NeoTrader

Conference Sessions

Speaker – Bharat Jhunjhunwala

  • Understanding Fear
  • Using Price Action to Spot Fear on Charts
  • Playing Contrarian with minimum Risk

Speaker – Sanjeev Gaur

  • Introduction to Market Profile
  • Building Market Context
  • Short Term and Long Term Refrences

Speaker: Rakesh Pujara

  • Direct Equity Investing Methods
  • Challenges in Direct equity Investing
  • Merits of Systematic Investing
  • CWA2SIGMA Indicator

Speaker: Nitin Vishnoi

  • Market Structure
  • Price  Driven Order Identifications
  • Institutional Order Filing
  • Key determinant, in identifying the real imbalance on chart

Panel Discussion:

This panel discussion aims to demystify the intricacies of algorithmic trading specifically tailored for retail investors. In an era marked by technological advancement, experts will unravel the complexity surrounding algorithmic trading strategies, technical jargon, and sophisticated tools. The discussion will focus on breaking down complex concepts into understandable components, empowering retail investors to make informed decisions. Through practical insights and real-world examples, attendees will gain clarity on how algorithmic trading works, its benefits, and how they can effectively incorporate these strategies into their investment portfolios.


  1. Praveen Gupta
  2. Yashas Khoday
  3. Vagaram Chowdhary
  4. Aditya Iyer
  5. Nitish Mukherjee
  6. Nitin Shukla
  7. Ved Jaiswal

Speaker: Himanshu Patil

  • Choosing the right set of Timeframes
  • How to use Multi -timeframe for Long-Term, Short-Term and Intra-Day trading
  • Finding High Probablitysetups with Multiple Timeframes
  • Practical Examples of Multi-timeframe Trading

Speaker: Milan Bavishi

  • Recognising situations where a company is facing challenges
  • Examining the underlying fundamentals of the company’s situation
  • Using charts to identify buying zones
  • Taking advantage of market sentiment and emotional selling

Speaker: Dr. C K Narayan

  • The new Paradigm shift in the world of trading
  • How technology has transformed the trading landscape.
  •  How to navigate the and trading in todays fast paced markets.
  • How to implement technical analysis effectively in the new era of markets

Speaker: Paritosh Gunjan

  • Can you use AI to validate news and its impact on trades in real time?
  • How to use a conversational AI to confirm your short term trading ideas?

  • How to use data analytics to get to increase accuracy in investment?

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