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Multilink is a retail tech platform focused on empowering the unorganised retailers of India. Today Multilink has more than 60,000 mom and pop stores spread throughout the nook and corner of our country who are in need of complete overhaul. The vision of our company is to empower and create micro employment opportunities and make them independent. Multilink already provides the retailers with diverse payment & travel booking options like AEPS, MPOS, Money transfer, Recharges, Bill Payments, Flight, Railway Ticket, Hotel, Packages, Bus Bookings. Multilink also provide loan services to enable the retailers and expand their business. This platform will help companies to advertise, brand themselves through various offline channels and enhance their network to these corner shops and help them evolve. Companies through Multilink platform can reach the audience spread through tier 2 and tier 3 market, this will also empower the retailers and make them a center trading point. The efficiency of doing business through Multilink platform will be improved many folds both for the products and service companies as well as the unorganised retailer.

A report from SPO India states that the Indian B2B market is currently worth $300 billion, and is estimated to grow to $700 billion by 2020. There are 4.8 crores Small and Medium Enterprise’s that need to secure bulk supplies, a market much bigger than B2C.

With a commission-based revenue model, Multilink started appointing Franchise across India. Today, Multilink has its presence in more than 2400 cities and 18 states with over 60,000+ franchisee spread with a capability of processing over 45 million transactions per month serving 12 million unique customers annually.

Today Multilink is associated with some of the top organisations of India viz. IRCTC, Bank of India, Yes Bank Limited, UTI (PAN Card), MTDC, Kotak Life, TATA AIG, New India Insurance, Dada Saheb Phalke Chitra Nagri, Imagica, Essel World, IATA , IRDA approved web aggregator with insurance broking license and more than 450 Airlines, 7,00,000+ Hotels across the globe.

“We wanted to make one’s life easier by making the entire utility problem solved under one umbrella with just one click. Providing such complicated business model in simple format was the biggest challenge. Initially, we faced a lot of problem due to weak Internet connectivity & less usage of technology by suppliers, but over a period of time, it got normal. Providing¬†a secured environment for such huge volume was the biggest challenge. Innovation & everything-is-possible are key pointers which played a vital role in the growth of Multilink,” said Mr. Chirag Shah, CEO-Multilink World.