Decimal Point Analytics Launches the Beta of Its New Product ImagePulse for Predicting the Financial Status of Households Using Image Data Leveraging Deep Learning

Decimal Point Analytics (DPA) has announced that it has achieved a major breakthrough in Image analysis using Deep Learning networks. DPA has launched the beta of ImagePulse, its multi-layer convolutional neural network which is able to predict the financial status of a household by processing the images of the household.

“We have today added another dimension to our growing capability suite in the AI space by being able to analyse images and estimating the financial status of households from the same. This required a research-oriented mindset and I am happy to see the encouraging results. We expect this capability, as it evolves over a period of time, to have a lot of use cases in the Banking, Insurance and Government verticals in both the developing and developed world,” said Shailesh Dhuri, Executive Director, Decimal Point Analytics.

About Decimal Point Analytics

Decimal Point Analytics is a financial research and analytics company incorporated in 2003 with headquarters at Mumbai. It is an independent, management-owned company, which provides actionable analytics to financial services companies. It offers customized solutions to investment management businesses that address specific challenges. It enables these customers to supplement their operations with additional resources and augment research processes using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies like Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Big Data.

Decimal Point Analytics has a presence across four global locations including the United States, UK, and India.