17-18 December 2022
Venue: Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai

The exhibition on the complete
ecosystem of Algo Trading Technology & Services

About Algo Expo

Algo Expo; The fully dedicated Exhibition on the complete Ecosystem of Algo Trading Technology and Services.  Algo Expo is going to be held in Mumbai on 17 -18 December 2022. The 2 days of Expo will help you to discover the latest technology and services across…Algorithmic Trading | Automated Trading | Quantitative Trading | Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning | Data Analytics. etc.  Algo Expo will also be offering visitors the chance to get a combination of Exhibition, Conference and Workshops. Various Sessions, presentations and  interactive discussions are designed to tackle the most important challenges facing the trading industry.

Who Should Visit



Proprietary Trading Firms

Quant Funds

High Frequency Trading Firms

Asset Managers

Investment Banks

Institutional Investors


Exhibit Category

Algorithmic Trading
Automated Trading

Platforms/Tools/ Softwares

Broking Firms
with Algo Platform

Algo Trading Education

Strategy Backtesting

Quantitative Research
Data Analysis Software

High Frequency Trading
System/Infrastructure services

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning

Tools & Software Services

Execution Management Systems

Market Data Providers

Latency Management

Low Latency
Connectivity Providers

Cloud Service Providers




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